Department of Biomolecular Electronics


Alexey P. Soldatkin
Member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Dr. Sci. (biotechnology), Professor
Phone: (380-44) 200-03-28;
Fax: (380-44) 526-07-59;

Main stream of scientific activity:

Scientific and technological fundamental of the development of bio- and chemosensor systems based on electrochemical and optical transducers.

Current scientific research:

  • Development and creation of micro/nano electrochemical bio- and chemosensors for the in vitro and in vivo determination of blood metabolites, some neurotransmitters, alcohols, aldehydes and toxic substances.
  • Use of nanomaterials, nanotubes and zeolites, to improve analytical characteristics of bio- and chemosensor devices.
  • Use of new genetically engineered proteins and synthetic recognition molecules to create sensors with given analytical characteristics.
  • Creation and study of synthetic analogues of biological receptors by molecular imprinting (molecular imprinted polymers - MIP) and their innovation in sensor technology, solid phase extraction and chromatography.
  • Development of electrochemical and optical affine (immune- and DNA-) sensors.
  • Study on fundamentals of interaction of immobilized enzymes with substrates and inhibitors using electrochemical sensors.

SPR-based system for identification of viruses, DNA- and immune diagnostics

Conductometric enzyme system for determination of carbohydrates and aldehydes

ISFET-based multisensor enzyme system for determination of toxic substances

Conductometric multisensor enzyme system for analysis of quality of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages

Colorimetric sensor system for phenol determination based on nano-MIP-membranes

Optical biosensor for determination of aflatoxin В1 based on nano-MIP-membranes