Department of Biomolecular Electronics


Current national projects:

Projects funded by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine:
  1. 3/1 - "Portable analyzer of alkaloids in crops and foods based on electrochemical biosensor. Creation of bioselective element and its adjustment to analyzer operation" (2010-2012, scientific supervisor Anna V. Elska);
  2. 5/1 - "Portable analyzer based on amperometric enzyme biosensors for quality control of beverages in winemaking. Development of amperometric enzyme biosensor for determination of glucose, lactate and glycerol "(2010-2012, scientific supervisor Sergey V. Dzyadevych);
  3. 8/1 - "ISFET-based multisensor for identification of major blood metabolites. Development of biosensor elements for determination of glucose, urea and creatinine, exploration of their work "(2010-2012, scientific supervisor Alexei P. Soldatkin);
  4. 21/1 - "Development and research of sensor systems based on polymers-biomimics with catalytic properties for phenol determination. Elaboration of portable sensor systems for phenol determination "(2010-2012, scientific supervisor Tatiana A. Sergeeva);
  5. 4/2 - "Multibiosensor for determination of overall toxicity of solutions and some toxic substances. Development of methods of immobilization of enzymes and investigation of simultaneous operation of the latter in multisensor" (2010-2012, supervisor Valentina M. Arkhipova);
  6. 6/2 - "Design and fabrication of experimental prototypes of electrochemical biosensors for the formaldehyde analysis in foods, pharmaceuticals and environment. Development of formaldehyde analyzer based on conductometric planar thin-film electrodes "(2010-2012, scientific supervisor Yaroslav I. Korpan);
  7. 7/2 - " Biosensor conductometric system for saccharides analysis in food industry. Methods of immobilization of enzyme and multienzyme complexes and investigation of their work "(2010-2012, scientific supervisor Sergey V. Dzyadevych);
  8. 28/2 - "Sensor based on the effect of localized surface plasmon resonance in arrays of gold nanostructures for investigation of biomolecular processes, molecular spectroscopy of organic compounds and precision measurement of the refractive index. Investigation of biomolecular processes by sensor based on the effect of localized surface plasmon resonance "(2010-2012, scientific supervisor Olexander E. Rachkov);
  9. 1.3.2 - "Development of multiparametrical devices for express detection and monitoring of chemical and biological liquid compounds. Elaboration of methods of enzyme immobilization onto the surface of multitransducers "(2010-2014, scientific supervisor Sergey V. Dzyadevych);
  10. 24/12 - "Optical sensor systems based on nanostructured molecularly imprinted polymer membranes for environmental monitoring and medical diagnostics" (2010-2014, scientific supervisor Tatiana A. Sergeeva);
  11. 25/12 - "Development of bioselective membranes based on carbon nanomaterials functionalized by biomolecules for creation of analytical microdevices of new generation" (2010-2014, scientific supervisors Olga A. Biloivan and Yaroslav I. Korpan);
  12. 5.34 - "Creation and exploration of new nanobiomaterials based on recombinant single-chain antibodies and nanostructured substrates for nanobiosensor immune diagnostics" (2010-2014, scientific supervisor Alexey P. Soldatkin);
  13. 99/10-N - "Study on interaction of nucleic acids with nanocrystalline semiconductors to create new bionanostructured materials capable of recognition of biologically important markers of hereditary diseases" (2010-2014, scientific supervisor Alexey P. Soldatkin).

Current international projects:

Seventh Framework Programme
  1. No. 318053 - "Micro/nanosensors for early cancer warning system - diagnostic and prognostic information" (2013-2016, Project Director - Yaroslav I. Korpan);
  2. No. 318524 - "Integrated nanodevices" (2012-2015, Project Co-Director - Sergey V. Dzyadevych).
NATO Scientific Programmes
  1. . CBP.NUKR.SFPP 984173 "Science for Peace" - "New electrochemical nanosensors for determination of toxic ions" (2012-2015, Manager and Principal Investigator - Yaroslav I. Korpan);
  2. . CBP.NUKR.CLG 984221 - "Development of biosensors for determination of botulinum neurotoxin and their adaptability to products examination against biological terrorist attacks" (2011-2012, Manager and Principal Investigator - Sergey V. Dzyadevych).