Department of Biomolecular Electronics


Devices for electrochemical measurements:

  • Potentiostat Voltalab 40 (Radiometer Analytical), portable bipotentiostat (DRP-STAT200) and bipotentiostat/galvanostat (DRP-STAT400, DropSens), portable potentiostat/galvanostat and EmStat potentiostat (Palm-Sens);
  • A number of non-commercial portable conductometers (mono- and multichannel) and ISFET-meters (mono- and multichannel) of Ukrainian manufacture.

Optical devices:

  • Surface plasmon resonance spectrometers SPR-4M and SPR-6.

Equipment for biomolecular and biochemical research:

  • Our department has complete access to the devices of common use such as HPLC, SHBRH, spectrometers for operation in ultraviolet and visible ranges, fluorescence spectrometer, real-time PSR, synthesizer of DNA/RNA oligonucleotides, DNA sequenator, "phosphorimager ", etc.